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$2 2013 Stamp Cancel World Boy Scout Jamboree Uniform Uae Value $200

S/N L 78408411 A. The face side has a two-post stamp. UNITED NATIONS OFFICES IN NEW YORK. 2 DH, WORLD BOY SCOUT JAMBOREE UNIFORM UAE. Also has post seals: NOV 6, 2013 & APR 13, 2021. The uniform and insignia of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)...

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$2 2009 Stamp Cancel Flag Of Un From United Arab Emirates Value $5000

The face side has two post stamps. 1968 – 71 FLAG & WHITE HOUSE REGULAR ISSUES. 6 c, Flag & White House. 1984 UNITED NATIONS OFFICES IN NEW YORK. 20 c, World Flag Series: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Also has post seals: OCT 24, 2014. In...

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Ww Stamp Lot In Jamestown Premium Glassines From 17 Worldwide Countries

The item(s) shown in the photos is exactly what is included. If you’d like to see more of a specific type of item for sale, please message me and I’ll send you a customized link showing only those listings. New items are listed almost...

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